(NEWS CENTER) — Some school districts missed two or more days due to Monday's storm, but will students have to make those days up since a state of emergency was declared?

According to Maine's Department of Education website:

"Districts that canceled school days due to circumstances surrounding the recent storm should treat those cancellations as any other weather-related cancelation. The state of emergency issued by the state of Maine was issued expressly to provide utility work crews with relief from federal highway regulations in order to restore power to those who had been impacted it doesn't result in an automatic excusal of missed school days."

According to state law, Maine students must attend 175 instructional days a year. Most school calendars run 180 days, with five extra days built in for teacher in-service days as well as a few set aside specifically for 'snow' or 'weather' days. Any days missed beyond what is allotted must be made up either during the school year or at the tail end.

Betsy Webb is the superintendent of Bangor Schools. Her district missed two days because of the storm. She has already figured out a way to work those two days back into her calendar to have a full three days available for the winter months, pending school board approval.

The D.O.E also states on its website:

"As part of the standard procedure for meeting requirements for instructional days, written requests for waivers for storm days may be submitted by the district school board in the Spring when districts have a better sense of storm days used."

Go here for more information on waivers


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