NEW YORK CITY (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's carefully-crafted image as a tourist destination is about to become a laughingstock.

The blame lies with John Hodgman. He casts a wide net with his comedy as an actor, writer and host of his own podcast.

John Hodgman (front row, far right) joins fellow correspondents and contributors to The Daily Show on Comedy Central on the farewell episode for longtime host Jon Stewart on Aug. 6, 2015


For his next project, Hodgman has written a book titled Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches. It's a memoir inspired by his misadventures in coastal Maine and western Massachusetts.

The book goes on sale on October 24, but the publicity tour has already begun. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Hodgman put Maine on blast in an appearance this week on The Daily Show.

"They call it Vacationland, and if you ever go there on vacation, you realize it's a cruel joke," Hodgman said. "The oceans of Maine are cold, and they're made of hate and want to kill you. And the beaches are made of rocks and knives. But I like to go there because I never really believed I deserved pleasure anyway."

Of course, Hodgman keeps returning to Maine with his family, so we're pretty sure he's only kidding. You can ask him yourself when his book tour comes to Portland on October 26 at Port City Music Hall.