PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Administrators at the University of Southern Maine held a special discussion Tuesday in response to student concerns and questions following the election.

Faculty and a number of their students remain shaken up. Others simply want to know if the country can come together after what they say was such a divisive election.

Tuesday’s panel discussion covered a number of topics from immigration to the economy and what a Donald Trump presidency might mean for students.

Many students who spoke said they're concerned the election has resulted in a spike in hate and hate-filled dialogue in America in general.

Students got a chance to ask their professors and administrators why Trump won and what his legal limitations are in terms of carrying out some of his campaign promises like deporting immigrants.

Others fearing those deportations may happen asked what they could do to take action in their communities.

But one remark stood out to some professors as a call for inclusiveness, something they say this public university is all about.

A young man took the microphone and said he's scared not just of hate speech from trump supporters but the people who've criticized trump as well.

“Something that definitely terrifies me is seeing that hate and fear-mongering combated by reciprocation by people looking at someone with a Trump sign on their yard and feeling that same hate and I think it's incredibly dangerous,” he said.

“The good thing from that comment, for me, was a student voicing the general opinion that we value this type of diversity,” Abid Khan said. “We understand we are different, we understand we have different backgrounds, we understand we have different opinions.”

The students also got to write comments and questions they still had after this.

Others are showing solidarity by writing messages of love on a skywalk that connects two buildings on the campus.