ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – University of Maine police are investigating a number of unusual thefts on the Orono campus.

They someone stole catalytic converters out of at least nine cars parked in campus parking lots over the weekend, and reports are still coming in.

“What these individuals do, they go underneath the car and saw these things off and then go,” University Police Chief Ronald Lacroix said.

Campus officials believe the thieves sawed the parts out of the older model cars from the year 1998-2004. Lacroix said they were reportedly Hondas, Acuras and Chevrolets.

"We've had very few car problems on campus I only know of one other instance where someone was going around with baseball bats and hitting windows so the fact that it's catalytic converters this time, they're a lot more expensive,” UMaine Senior Miles Paul said.

Although Paul was not impacted, he said he has heard of those who were. They are now stuck with hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Paul said he believes campus police are doing all they can and patrol regularly.

Security cameras did not appear to capture any of the incidents in lots across campus. Lacroix said there is always room to improve their security efforts.

"To increase our security measures on campus, we're always looking at that possibility,” Lacroix said.

Lacroix said while the investigation is ongoing, he ensures the campus as a whole is safe.

"It sucks. People just suck sometimes,” Paul said.