YORK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two men were arrested Friday morning after allegedly firing gunshots near the Lil Mart Store on Plains Rd., in Hollis, according to deputies.

Police said they were at the Lil Mart when they heard several gunshots coming from the direction of Waterboro Rd. Moments later a car carrying two men and coming from the same direction of the gunshots pulled into the store's parking lot.

When the men walked out of the store, deputies said they engaged them in conversation, because they suspected that they were involved in the gunshots.

After noticing that the men had been drinking, police conducted an investigation. Mark O’Brien, 29, of Hollis, was arrested for aggravated reckless conduct with a firearm and Chad Palmer, 23, of Buxton, was arrested for OUI and aggravated reckless conduct with a firearm, deputies said.
Police found a 9MM Glock pistol tucked between the passenger seat and the center console, along with several loose 9mm rounds of ammunition. Police also found two boxes of 9mm caliber ammunition scattered on the floor of the car. A magazine, containing six 9mm rounds and two loose rounds, were found in the front pocket of O'Brien's shirt.

Deputies scoured the area and witnessed what appeared to be a bullet hole in the siding of a residence on Deerwander. They also found shell casing that was identical in make and caliber to the ones found on O'Brien and in the car, police said. “These casings were found on Deerwander Road, Mansion Road, as well as Waterboro Road." Both suspects will be arraigned Friday, March 17, 2017.