LIMINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two employees are accused of stealing beach fees in York County.

Melissa Pomerleau, 41, and Jason Truman, 45, have been living in a camper at the Limington Town Beach, where they were working as beach attendants at Horne pond.

Deputies said they grew suspicious of the two when Pomerleau told them someone had stolen more than $600 worth of fees from her camper in July.

Deputies used a sting operation to track Pomerleau and Truman with marked $20 dollar bills.

Deputies then followed Melissa to a local store where she paid for personal items using the marked bills.

Police said Pomerleau and Truman both admitted to stealing beach fees from the town.

Town officials also told police that the fees being collected were lower this year than in previous years when neither Pomerleau nor Truman had been employed by the town.

The case is being reviewed by the District Attorney’s office for enhanced charges.