QUEENS, N.Y. (NEWS CENTER) — Two arrests have been made in connection to last week's homicide in Cherryfield.

New York City police, in coordination with Maine State Police detectives, arrested a man and a woman Wednesday morning in Queens, New York. Nineteen-year-old Quaneysha Greeley and 37-year-old Carine Reeves were both taken into custody at about 8 a.m. on 141st Street in Queens on fugitive from justice charges.

Both are expected to be charged with murder when they are brought back to Maine.

The body of 55-year-old Sally Shaw was found alongside Route 193 in Cherryfield last Wednesday.

State police identify woman found dead along Rte. 193 in Cherryfield

The Maine Attorney General’s office authorized murder charges against the two earlier this week and four State Police detectives drove to New York early Tuesday morning to coordinate the arrests with N.Y. authorities.

Maine's Public Safety spokesperson says Greeley is a former resident of Lewiston, Maine.

Greeley and Reeves are being held at Queen's central booking and will make their first court appearance Thursday at Queen's County Criminal Courthouse.

'I can't understand why this would happen:' Cherryfield homicide victim's sister wants answers

After hearing news of the arrests, Sally's sister Susan told NEWS CENTER Wednesday she screamed and then began to sob.

"It was like all of a sudden I had this huge weight lifted off my shoulders," Susan said. "It was amazing because now we have to follow the due process."

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