Portsmouth, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- Multiple buildings have collapsed during a massive fire in Portsmouth Monday morning. 

Fire officials say the fire started in the State Street Saloon around 12:30 a.m. They say two buildings (with three different addresses) have collapsed. One other building, an apartment, was also on fire and is still standing, but officials say it's a total loss as well. 

Right now there are no reported injuries, but firefighters had to make several rescues. 

"It's kind of hard to believe what happened," Dan Hayes, a resident of the apartment

Hayes says he and his roommates were woken up by a neighbor knocking on their door, telling them there was a fire and they needed to get out. 

"We saw some smoke so we went back into the apartment and threw some clothes on and I grabbed my phone and my keys and we left," Hayes said. "When we came out it didn't really seem that bad...but as time went on there was more and more smoke and eventually before the building collapsed there were flames shooting above the building."