UPDATE: What onlookers and law enforcement thought was a forced-landing off Cape Neddick Friday turned out to be a very normal occurrence for the kind of aircraft.

Representatives of ICON Aircraft told NEWS CENTER the aircraft was delivered to its owner.

“He landed it on the water normally and it was subsequently picked up and hoisted onto the owner’s yacht -- where he stores it when he is there," said Nathan Strange, Vice President of Marketing and Communications with ICON Aircraft. "The ICON A5 is an award-winning, amphibious aircraft designed to be extraordinarily easy to fly and can safely land on both land or water. Given its popularity and innovative design, the A5 will start to become more and more prevalent. If you live on or around water you can expect to see more of these aircraft in the future.”

CAPE NEDDICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — No one was hurt Friday when a small plane was forced to land off the coast of Cape Neddick, police in York said.

Dispatch got a call around 3:15 p.m. from a person on Short Sands Beach. The caller reported seeing a small plane skip the water a couple times and appear to go into the trees.

Emergency crews then spotted the amphibious plane in the water, which appeared to be under tow from a boat.

Police said York Harbor Master personnel made contact with the pilot and confirmed no one was trapped or injured.

According to an initial investigation conducted by officials, the plane was launched from a large luxury boat anchored off of Short Sands Beach. Shortly after taking off it likely developed mechanical problems, thus forcing the pilot to land in the water.

The plane was towed a short distance back to the boat it was launched from.

The case was referred to the FAA for further investigation.