A man from Falmouth is upset because people and local businesses in town took down his political campaign signs this week.

According to Falmouth Police, the signs were on public property.

That means they can't be taken down by people who didn't put them up.

But John Moon. the man who placed more than 100 Donald Trump signs along narrow stretches of grass bordering Route One called the police after some people did just that.

Some business owners and employees were upset the signs were near their property, making it look like they also supported Trump.

Police informed the businesses and others removing the signs is against the law.

“I want to be clear on this. It's not about which candidate you support whether it's Trump or Hillary or Ronald McDonald, a person has a right to put these signs up and that is what should be honored,” said Moon.

Moon says he has more Donald Trump signs and plans to put them up where the other ones were taken down soon.