ORANGE, Texas (NEWS CENTER) - Last Friday people turned out in Portland’s Monument Square to help flood victims in Orange, Texas by filling a large truck with supplies.

Jeremy Henry of Lewiston grew up in Orange and wanted to do something for the town he loves. This week he and the supplies made it to Texas safely.

When Henry rolled into Orange, Texas on Wednesday, it was not the homecoming he envisioned when he thought about returning home.

“Just doesn’t look like the place I grew up in”, he said.

Henry says words can’t do justice to what’s become of Orange, Texas. The town has been decimated by flooding. Many homes are still filled with water. People are desperately trying to rebuild their lives.

“I can’t tell you how many people showed up that had just been living out of their cars. Just living day to day. That’s all they could do. Everything was destroyed”, he said.

Last Friday Henry was in Portland helping to load a large truck with supplies for the people of Orange. Within a few hours it was filled to the brim. He left Maine on Monday and arrived at a shelter set up at the First Church of the Nazarene in Orange two days later. What he found was a need greater than he imagined.

“We didn’t even have the stuff organized before people started coming and taking what they needed. So, I think it arrived in the nick of time”, he said.

The pastor of the church thanked everyone in Maine who donated goods to fill the truck.

“There’s just no way for us to put into words how grateful we are for what you folks have done for us”, said Pastor Ray McDowell.

Henry says it was amazing to see what a difference a case of bottled water and some canned goods made to people who lost everything. His arrival this week was not expected by people in his former hometown, but it was greatly appreciated.

“We will be forever grateful to our new friends from Maine. God Bless you for what you’ve done”, said McDowell.

Henry says he’ll spend the next couple of days helping friends and relatives clearing debris from their homes. He hopes to be back at his home in Lewiston on Sunday.