HOULTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – An East Winthrop man is dead after his pick-up truck accidentally rolled backwards and crushed him on Tuesday in the Northern Maine Woods, according to Maine State Police.

They say 74-year-old Bruce Morang and 66-year-old Martha Morrill, his wife, were unpacking their camping gear. Morang was getting out of the driver's side of the pick-up when it began to roll backwards, knocking him to the ground. According to officials, he was dragged for a short distance before the truck rolled over him.

Police say the truck came to rest near a fire pit.

At some point, police believe the car caught on fire from a cigarette Morang had lit inside the car, where several oxygen tanks were located.

The car was completely destroyed by the fire.

Morang was taken to a local funeral home in Ashland where he will eventually be moved to the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.