PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Portland’s tree is up and lit, which means the city is ready for the holiday season.

On Friday, the city of Portland held its annual tree lighting in Monument Square.
The tree is a 40-foot fir, donated by a woman from Westbrook.


A 4 year-old girl named Sophia, part of the Make a Wish program, flipped the switch on for all the lights around 6 p.m.
Before that Rick Charette had entertained the crowd with Christmas carols.

A brass quintet and chorus from the Portland Symphony Orchestra also joined the official lineup for the first time this year.

Mainers in the crowd say they’re looking forward to the holidays.

“Everyone comes together, it’s a lot more peaceful, [people are] a lot more friendly and it’s just a good place to be,” said Richard Thibodeau.