PENOBSCOT COUNTY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — President Trump's announcement to ban transgender people from serving in the military has come with mixed reaction across the nation and the state.

The proclamation, made on Twitter Wednesday, would reinstate a decades long policy that was overturned by the Obama Administration in 2016.

Isabella Juliana is a transgender veteran who lives in Penobscot County.

Juliana was stationed in Iraq with the Army National Guard more than seven years ago and says during her service she hid her gender identity.

She called Trump's announcement demoralizing but says serving in Iraq produced some of her "fondest" memories, and she hopes that people who support transgender rights will be prepared to protest the military ban.

Trump cited medical costs for transgender people to costly as part of the reason for the reinstated ban.

Juliana came out as transgender after her service in the military ended. She admits that she joined the military to hide her gender identity with the hopes that 'something might happen' and then she would be remembered as a hero.

"I am a transgender veteran, I fought for your right to hate me...but it shouldn't inhibite my right to serve."

Juliana says she has received several death threats but friends from the military have been her biggest supporters.