PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Dozens of people are protesting the Trump administration's recent changes to law changes affecting transgender people.

Last month, the President rescinded actions by the Obama administration allowing transgender people to use the bathroom for the gender they identify with.

Maine state law still allows students to choose their bathroom, but the protesters are worried that could change and Maine could become less welcoming to trans people.

The 200 or so protesters at the event marched down Congress Street to hear from speakers on trans issues.
The protest was meant to be a broad demonstration of support for Maine's transgender community.

Some are worried battles over transgender rights in other states could cause one to erupt again in Maine.
“People who don’t know what the issues are and what was allowed in this state might become angry and end up getting this repealed and we could end up like another state out there where there’s no protection for us in school,” said Zackary Hawkins, a board member of Maine Trans Net.”

NEWS CENTER did reach out to the Maine GOP for a comment about President Trump's orders on transgender issues.

The party's spokeswoman says it has no comment