PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Members and supporters of Maine's transgender community will hold a March For Transgender Rights in Portland Wednesday afternoon. Organizers say this is in response to President Trump's withdrawal of support for federal transgender student protection guidelines.

"And there was this immediate feeling that we had to do something to show that our community is strong and resilient and to give a really wonderful opportunity for our allies to show that they have our backs," said Quinn Gormley, president of MaineTransNet.

Those guidelines say transgender students can use the public school bathroom based on the gender they identify with. The President essentially turned those guideline decisions over to the states.

Governor LePage also backed the rollback on the protections when he refused to sign off on guidelines for Maine schools made by the Maine Human Rights Commission.

While Maine law still protects transgender students from any discrimination, LGBTQ Mainers feel their rights are being targeted, especially those of transgender youth.

"We're concerned that this is the first step," said Matt Moonen, executive director of Equality Maine and a representative of Portland in the Maine House. "This came very quickly right away, right at the beginning of this administration, and I think everybody's nervous to see 'what are you throwing at us next?'"

The March starts at 4:30pm on Wednesday in front of 511 Congress Street in Portland.