WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When you've got the soul of a ninja, the training doesn't stop once the credits roll on a game show.

Among the 38 athletes eliminated Monday night on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" program was the last Mainer in the competition, 28-year-old Jon "The Giant" Alexis, Jr. from Waterville. Like so many others, the Wingnut Alley challenge proved Alexis's downfall. Despite his initially disappointment, Alexis looks back with pride at reaching the second round of the final.

"I'd say it's a lifestyle," he told NEWS CENTER. "It's more than just a hobby or a show. It's built a confidence, a different kind of confidence than what was there before. It probably translates into other areas, too. More confidence in pursuing my passion, so that's part of why I decided to go back to school as well."

That school is Rochester Institute of Technology where Alexis is studying electrical engineering with a robotics option. In addition to pushing his mind, he continues to push his body with intense, regular workouts.

Because of his national exposure on network television, Alexis says his routines often attract an audience. "It happens a lot in the gyms when I'm working there, and a kid comes up and their face lights up or something when they walk through the doors. That's a really cool feeling."

To better understand the strain Alexis puts on his body, NEWS CENTER's Katie Bavoso tried to replicate some of his exercises under the instruction of Tim Johnson at Maine Warrior Gym in Westbrook. The way Johnson scaled the various equipment, he looked ready for his own run at "American Ninja Warrior." As for Katie...well, she tried her best.

While Katie poses no threat as a rival to Alexis, he was more equally matched with another of Maine's contestants on "American Ninja Warrior," Jesse Labreck from Oakland. Before reuniting on the show, the two of them previously ran track together.