(NEWS CENTER) -- The outpouring of love and condolences from people all across the state in the last 24 hours has proven just how many lives Tom Johnston touched.

Thousands took to Facebook, called our newsrooms and sent emails. Many said he became a part of their family.

Others were his weather buddies—the ones who called and emailed him with the up-to-date information from their own backyards.

We took the chance to speak to some of them today all across the state from St. Agatha to Belfast to Saco.

For them it was Tom who was the true buddy.

“The one thing that I did learn about him he was real,” Fred Holmes from St. Agatha said. “He didn't try to sound like he knew more than everybody else he was just a regular guy.”

“He'd say ‘Thanks Sebago guy! I appreciate it Sebago guy,’” Michael Anderson said. “A very nice man. I'm really gonna miss reporting in to him.”

“He was always Johnny on the spot,” Sam Mehorter from Belfast said. “You send in a report and bam. He had a twist to him—an educational twist if you will.”

“Tom was always so interactive. He strongly encouraged our weather ‘geekness’,” Heidi Varle from Saco said. “He wasn't really just a Weather buddy he was a friend.”