Yup, another storm.  But this time we are talking about rain...very little if any frozen precipitation is expected this go around.

Low pressure will take a warmer path to our west.  Low and mid level jetstream winds will come up the East Coast from the south loaded with ample moisture.  While there will be some pockets of drizzle and a few showers through noon, the rain will be most intense later today.  From, roughly, 3-9 PM, we'll see over an inch in most communities.

While there is a Flood Watch up for southern areas, my feeling is that most rivers will stay within their banks this time around.

Flash Flood guidance suggest rivers would flood with 2.5" - 3" of rain in a six hour period.  That's not likely.  I do, however, think there will be issues with street and drainage flooding.  Storm drains, still clogged with ice and snow, may have a tough time keeping up with the heavy downpours and intersections may get pretty water logged.

For the first time, in what seems like forever, there are strong signs for a pattern swing and much warmer air next week.

60s are likely and there's even a chance for some communities to hit 70! Hang in there...the end is nearing!

Todd Gutner - https://twitter.com/ToddWCSH