HOLLIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Neighbors in Hollis woke up Thursday morning to an unpleasant surprise.

In spray paint across their cars, their mailboxes, and even their homes – curse words, homophobic slurs, and overall inappropriate language.

This isn’t the first unsettling incident in Hollis this week. First, it was a man arrested for allegedly exposing himself to children, then a man dressed as a clown carrying a machete, and now offensive vandalism – all three crimes within a half mile stretch, in one week’s time.

The vandalism – multiple words we can’t even show on TV, or write in an article.

The spray paint covered the street, signs, mailboxes, cars, and even a local business.

“[Probably a] juvenile prank,” guessed “Mending Mouse” business owner Joseph Benini. “Disgusting juvenile pranks, but a juvenile prank.”

“I don’t know,” said neighbor Anthony Drew, at a loss for words. “It’s ugly. That's what it is.” His trailer was completely covered in curse words.

“If I caught [the vandals] in the act, they would definitely hear the action of a shotgun,” he said. “And they would probably be running like you know what.”

This unwelcome vandalism is the final straw for many residents of Tanglewood Drive, who have been through an unfortunate series of events in just one week.

Many say, it’s a sign of a chance in culture, in the world, and in their usually safe small town.

“It's definitely changing,” said Kim DeCapua, who had an expletive written on her mailbox and on a car in her driveway. “When we bought this house six years ago it was very quiet. I've never even locked my cars. I do now. You think you move to a safe area, moving to the country with your children, but definitely times are changing.”

Police say they are investigating the vandalism. They interviewed all the neighbors Thursday to try and get any clue as to who may have done this.