BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – 25-year-old Kortnie Hudgens returned home to Bangor and started working as a real estate agent about four years ago.

“When I first got into it, I didn't think they'd buy homes from me being 21,” she said as she drove through Bangor and pointed out her current properties.

"I have to understand what people are going through,” she said “Sometimes you do this so much that you forget that this is the biggest purchase of someone’s life.

That is something Hudgens now understands firsthand. She and her fiancé Nick recently bought and fully renovated their first house—being sure to preserve the character and history of the home.

Hudgens said it is that charm that makes Bangor homes so special, and she was adamant that Maine would always be home.

"I did refuse to leave the state,” she said. “Me and my fiancé had that conversation."

"Kortnie doesn't have an off button I don't think,” Nick Mullins said.

At 29 years old and in the business too, he said since the couple first met at the University of Southern Maine he never expected to be where they are today.

The couple owns several investment properties and are now even working on their first flip. This happening all in the midst of planning their wedding.

"We couldn't do any of the things we do without her,” Mullins said.

Hudgens said she wanted to come back home to Bangor because of the community.

Now she involved in groups to grow other young professionals, including Bangor Fusion and Tuesday Forum: the state's largest women’s networking group.

She credited her success to a strong women role model in her life: her mother.

"It's so awesome to be able to work with her every day,” Renee Hudgens said.

The two work side by side as one of the area's top real estate teams.

"We both have high energy and strong work ethic and that's key too," she said.

It is those traits that make Kortnie our youngest person thriving under thirty in Bangor.

"Coming back to the area it worked really well for both me and my fiancé to make it feel like home,” she said.




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