For the third time in three days, a large fire destroys much of an apartment building in Maine.
This latest one started around 9:30 a.m. Saturday at 79 Lincoln Street in Portland.
It comes a day after a two alarm fire at a multi-unit apartment building on Cottage Street in Sanford.
That fire happened about 24 hours after a five-alarm fire damaged six buildings in the city -- two them so badly they had to be torn down.
Everyone living in the buildings made it out alive though there were some injuries.
Saturday, Portland's fire department says a firefighter was sent to the hospital after injuring his knee after he slipped on a floor.
The American Red Cross of Maine says it assisting dozens of people affected by the Sanford fires.
Six families total have been displaced, that's 27 people.
A deputy Portland fire chief said Saturday’s s fire in Portland was not too difficult to get under control, but certain buildings can burn more quickly.

“These are older houses,” said Bob Stewart. “They're nice houses but they're all wooden. Wood is combustible and you have to attack it fast. You need a lot of people and you need a lot of water and that's what we had today. It worked out well.”
Community members in Sanford are collecting donations for victims of the fire there.
They've been doing that in various ways in person and online.