OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In the summer, Old Orchard Beach is fairly weather dependent; when the rain comes through, people hit the shops.

While that's a good thing, a long stretch of cold or rain can also deter others from visiting.

Jason Ahearn owns Hid'n Pines Campground. He says he had about 8% fewer campers than normal during the cold wet Memorial Day weekend.

He's one of many lodging spots in the town, from cottages to motels, so he wants to stand out.

This year, he's doing some renovations to a rock wall at the entrance and a rebranding of the sign that now reads "Camp Happily."

"All businesses that are closed and in hibernation mode for the winter then are in a mad dash to get ready for the upcoming season," Ahearn says. "We go from poor looking properties to the beautiful, looks like we've been open year-round presence we strive for. It's quite an undertaking for all the businesses in town."