ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Police in Rockland are trying to find the driver of a white van after a girl walking home from school, was offered a ride by a man driving the van.

This is the third time in September that a female student has been approached by a man drivinig a white van on their way home from school, offering a ride.

Police said the latest incident happened Thursday night as the girl was walking home from the University of Maine campus in Rockland.

Police said the girl refused the offer and kept walking. When she got to her home, she reported the incident to police.

Police say they worked through the night and continue to investigate.

They are asking for anyone with information to please call police, and they are reminding students to walk in groups.

They also said if students are approached by anyone offering them a ride, the should run and contact police immediately.

On September 20, Thomaston Police say a middle school student was riding his bicycle to school in the morning when a van stopped and an older man asked him to get in the vehicle.

Two days earlier, at about 3 p.m. a white van with three men stopped and asked a young girl walking home on Ash Point Drive in Owls Head to get in the vehicle. The child ran into the woods and then to her home where her parents reported the incident to police.