PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Voices began to rise at the Anthony Sanborn hearing as Sanborn's attorney wrapped up her questioning of retired Portland detective James Daniels.

Justice Joyce Wheeler had to intervene at one point telling the two sides not to get into arguments.

Sanborn’s attorney continued to press her theory that information in the murder case was withheld, preventing Anthony Sanborn from getting a fair trial and that investigators focused soley on Sanborn without looking closely at other possible suspects.

Things got heated when Sanborn’s attorney Amy Fairfield accused Daniels of targeting Sanborn for the murder of Jessica Briggs by creating a list of things linking him to the crime.

“This isn’t a document of facts, it’s just some notes, things that linked him", said Daniels.

"Things that you’re trying to link to Sanborn", said Fairfield.

"No we’re not trying, we’re looking at it", Daniels responded.

"Let’s not get into arguments", Judge Wheeler said intervening.

Fairfield then questioned Daniels about why he did not create similar lists for other possible suspects.

"Because you singled, zeroed right in on Anthony Sanborn", Fairfield said.

"I did not single, zero in on anyone. Those people you just mentioned, there was no one saying he admitted doing it to them either", Daniels responded.

Daniels was referring to a witness who testified during Sanborn's original trial that Sanborn admitted to him that he killed Briggs.

This was the fourth full day of testimony by Daniels and the state's attorneys have not had the opportunity to question him yet. That won't happen until next week.

It's expected that the prosecutor from Sanborn's trial, Pam Ames, will take the stand when the hearing resumes on Friday.