BLUE HILL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – In her first TV interview, Libby Chamberlain reflected on her journey and the fallout surrounding a movement that went far beyond her Downeast community.

“It isn't about sort of patting each other on the back or being sad about what happened it's about moving forward,” she said

The 33 year-old was the founder and creator of Pantsuit Nation, a secret Facebook group where Hillary Clinton supporters could connect.

Chamberlain started the group back in the midst of the political season last October.

"It was an idea that I had that really took off in a totally unexpected way,” she said.

The group now made up of just under four million users, and has become a movement of sorts even in the wake of a devastating defeat.

"The idea of 4 million people is so beyond my typical day to day,” Chamberlain said.

She has now taken hundreds of posts and published a book to share their stories, and preserve the history of the election. The book, mainly featuring woman, includes several Maine voices as well.

It has not come without some controversy though—critics essentially ridiculing her for profiting off others stories.

Chamberlain, who now runs the movement full-time with help from volunteers nationwide, insists it is about sharing diversity and allowing the voices of often marginalized groups to be heard.

"It's all about how can we kind of provide the largest possible platform for people to share their stories," she said.

As for her personal life, Chamberlain said her community has been supportive regardless of political party.

“My friends that are republican have been supportive, my friends that are progressives but maybe Bernie supporters have been supportive."

It is that support that has driven her to move beyond a failed campaign to an even greater cause—elevating voices Chamberlain said, regardless of politics, demand to be heard.

"The best way to elevate the conversation is to share that personal story,” she said. “I’m exciting for people to read it.”

Book release events are schedules in Maine for the following dates:

Longfellow Books - Portland, ME - May 10, 7pm

Books a Million - Bangor, ME - May 13, 12pm

Blue Hill Books - Blue Hill, ME - May 23, 7pm

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