The Game Loft in Belfast is a program that serves more than 400 youth ages six through 18 in the Waldo County area providing safe, secure and fun after school programs.

Their goal is to decrease social, rural and technological isolation through non-electronic games and community involvement. Through daily mentoring 50 weeks a year, The Game Loft teaches social skills that are sometimes overlooked in today’s rushed and depersonalized world with the idea of creating caring, connected, confident, competent young adults that are contributing to their community. This is all accomplished with the help of more than 4000 hours of volunteer service to the program.

Many of the volunteers and donors to The Game Loft are alumni. Stephen attended The Game Loft starting in the 7th grade. Now 21 years-old and attending college, he writes, “I came to The Game Loft as a low-income, bullied student. I quickly made friends—something I didn’t have at school. The Loft helped me grow and develop. As I became a stronger communicator, I found ways to give back to the Loft as it had given to me.”