NORTH BROOKLIN, Maine (NBC) -- The classic rope swing. The sheep. The pigs. Chickens.

The backdrop and inspiration for E.B. White's classic novel 'Charlotte's Web' is up for sale.

Yankee Magazine recently got a full tour of the 40-acre-plus property that has been owned by Mary and Robert Gallant for the past 30 years.

The main house has 12 rooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, six working fireplaces and a wood cookstove in the kitchen.

As for the barn, the rope swing Fern and her brother launched themselves is immortalized. For many years, a teacher would bring her class to visit the site, Mary Gallant told the magazine. The children would sit on bales of hay and listen to a recording of the author reading "Charlotte’s Web."

GALLERY: E.B. White's home up for sale

While the Gallants are sad about selling their historic home, they hope the new owner will make it their own. According to the article, E.B.’s granddaughter Martha White said she hopes it will forever be occupied since the author didn’t want it to become a shrine, museum or writers’ retreat.

“This house, this barn, this property is very dear to our hearts,” White said. “These have been the best summers of our lives.”

Julie Pennell from NBC's TODAY contributed to this report.