(NEWS CENTER) -- It's almost time to look up. The highly anticipated solar eclipse is happening on Monday.

Mainers will only see a partial eclipse, but that doesn't mean you won't need to protect your eyes.

VERIFY: Are your eclipse glasses safe?

The Portland Public library has the glasses you'll need to keep your eyes safe. Staff members say they've already given out 500 pairs, and they expect to get a shipment with 750 more sometime Wednesday.

Maine will see at least a partial eclipse next week

Casco Bay Eyecare is also giving out 1,000 pairs of glasses at all locations, with a limit of one per family. Dr. Kyle Benner, an optometrist there, says if you're planning on looking directly at the eclipse without protective eye wear, don't. You can do permanent damage to your eyes, and you may not even feel any pain while its happening.

How to make a DIY solar eclipse viewer

Dr. Benner says sunglasses won't do enough to protect you, no matter how dark they appear. He recommends using glasses with a clearly marked ISO certification to keep your eyes safe.

The above picture lists recommendations for eclipse eye wear, and reputable places you can purchase your glasses.