HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – As Winter Storm Stella neared, travelers across the state prepared for yet another tough time on the roads this season.

Truck drivers and other travelers at Dysart’s were making their plans over breakfast Tuesday morning.

One truck driver said he came down early from New Brunswick in the hopes of making it back before the storm his.

“I’m going over to Ellsworth this morning, and I came down early to beat the storm,” one truck driver said. “In the northeast you get storms. That’s the name of the game.”

Another driver bound for Georgia said he did not expect to make it past Connecticut due to a travel ban in effect there limiting travel to emergency personnel only.

Maine DOT had alert signs warning of the storm, but had not yet lowered speed limits as of Tuesday morning.

After noon, blizzard conditions are expected to make travel all the way down the interstate traitorous.

That is why ll Greyhound buses arriving and departing the Hermon/Bangor terminal were cancelled for the day. No word yet on whether or not they will be cancelled into Wednesday as well.

But it was not just by land that travelers were impacted. One family was headed home to sunny California by way of Bangor International Airport.

When they arrived, their flight was cancelled.

“They couldn’t cancel anything until last minute, so here we are just sort of hanging out,” Deirdre Peckenham said.

She said they were not likely to catch a flight until Thursday.

“We have the excitement of being stuck in Maine in the storm which is new for both of us,” Peckenham said.

Dysart's said they are anticipating a busy night and morning as the storm barrels down because drivers will likely be stranded.