AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — There are still no real answers about the murder Monday of a man and wife in Winthrop. Police have arrested their 17-year-old son and charged him with the crimes.

Balcer made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon in Augusta, but there was no new information provided because the judge ordered the police affidavit sealed. That action means no one other than the judge and lawyers can read what investigators said happened in the Balcer home.

Tony and Alice Balcer, Andrew’s parents, were found dead in the Winthrop house very early Monday morning. There is still no official word on how they were killed, and the state medical examiner has said that information may be provided Wednesday.

Police have said Andrew Balcer and a brother were both at home at the time, and have accused Andrew of the murders.

Neighbor Melissa Shannon shed some additional light on the events Tuesday, telling reporters that someone pounded on her door early Monday morning calling for help, so she called the police.

“I couldn’t get a lot of it,” Shannon told NECN reporter Danielle Waugh. “Our door is thick, it was hard to hear. The only words I could hear through the door is, 'my brother has a gun, I’m afraid for my life.'”

Shannon said she immediately called 911 to summon police. As for the crime itself, Shannon, who is the mother of a young child, said she didn’t understand how it could happen.

“My heart goes out to the family, I feel for the one who’s left, the brother, who was unharmed, who is left in the family. I feel very bad for that person,” she said.

Andrew Balcer is 17-years-old, which makes him a juvenile under Maine law. However, he will turn 18 next month.

The attorney general’s office has asked the judge to schedule a bind-over hearing, at which time the state will ask for Balcer to be tried as an adult. The judge also ordered a psychiatric evaluation, which is routine in cases such as this.

Family members at the court Tuesday didn’t want to talk to reporters, and neither prosecution nor defense lawyers would comment.

Balcer will be held at the Maine Youth Development Center in South Portland. His next hearing date is Nov. 17.