(NEWS CENTER) — A big struggle facing children is bullying and teasing. We don't live in a perfect world so some amount of teasing might be considered normal for adults and children.

Licensed family therapist Jack Burke says of course, meanness is something no one can fully escape. Adults, he says, need to act as intermediaries and monitor children's behaviors helping them gage when they are crossing lines of teasing from playful to cruel.

Burke says all mammals show aggression and it is not surprising that children and adults too have this emotion peppered into all others we experience during life.

Burke says when kids go too far, adults need to ask them what comes next. What affect do their actions have on other people and the relationship they have with said people.

Burke then advises parents and guardians ask the child how they can make the situation right.

Burke points out parents can teach children humor, but remind kids to not make people the butt of jokes and to notice how many people are really laughing.

Burke says a failed joke/tease is just a teaching moment.

Burke says parents and guardians need to teach rules and consequences, but never vengeance.