MACHIAS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Two suspects charged in connection with a July homicide in Cherryfield have been indicted for murder.

According to Maine Attorney General's Office spokesman Andrew Roth-Wells, Carrine Reeves and Quaneysha Greeley were indicted by a Washington County Grand Jury last week for the death of Sally Shaw.

Police arrested Reeves and Greeley in New York less than two weeks after her death. Both were charged with her murder.

Greeley is currently being held at the Washington County Jail, and Reeves is still in New York facing charges there.

Roth-Wells said the AG’s office has also filed a notice of joinder to have the defendants tried together.

Shaw's murder was not random, according to the affidavit. Shaw knew both Greeley and Reeves, it said, and Shaw and Reeves were actually in a relationship. But witnesses said they were anything but a happy couple.

The affidavit said Reeves was abusive and was using her to help him sell drugs. According to Shaw's sister, Shaw knew Greeley for quite some time.

No date for the trial has yet been set because of Reeves being held in New York.