SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man from Westbrook is accused of riding the bus to South Portland to conduct several burglaries over a span of three months.

South Portland police arrested 29-year-old Shawn Baker last Friday following an investigation into a string of recent daytime burglaries over the last few weeks. He's suspected of burglarizing seven residences in the city dating from August to October.

The investigation revealed Baker had been taking public transportation to and from the area, specifically targeting the city for these crimes, police said. South Portland police said they "graciously provided the transportation [of Baker] to the Cumberland County Jail."

South Portland police said the investigation is ongoing, and that a large quantity of stolen jewelry and other items were recovered at local pawn shops, second-hand dealers and even in a refuse dumpster.

They said detectives will be working with victims to help reunite them with their personal belongs.

"Given the sheer quantity of recovered items, to date, this will undoubtedly be a daunting task," Lt. Frank Clark said. "It will, however, also be equally rewarding, given not only the monetary value of some of the items but the sentimental value of some of the particular items as well."