An Aroostook County man who survived a fishing boat accident between Square Lake and Eagle Lake in Aroostook County says he survived because of the help of a friend.

At the time of this writing, Charles Guimond is the only known survivor of the boating accident that left Martin Chambers dead. Two others -- Mark Chambers and Eric Sherwood are still missing, and the search continues for them.

"If it wasn’t for Eric I wouldn’t be here," Guimond said.

Guimond, who held onto the overturned boat for nearly 12 hours, says Sherwood gave him a life jacket and made sure he didn't let go. Guimond says after that moment, Sherwood disappeared under water and he hasn't seen him since.

The accident happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday when high winds caused the boat to turn capsize. Guimond says he drifted to shore around 5 a.m., where he was able to flag down a search plane.

"The wardens said I’m lucky. They’d never seen anything like that before.”