CLINTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Some patients and caregivers want law enforcement officials to dedicate more resources to deal with a recent surge of burglaries of medical marijuana plants.

Matthew Soule, who grows medical marijuana for his PTSD, said thieves scaled his locked fence and yanked out four mature pot plants worth about $12,000. The incident is one of dozens being documented on social media, including surveillance photos showing plants being removed in the cover of darkness.

Dawson Julia, a medical marijuana caregiver, said his business has been broken into twice in the past two years. He said law enforcement agencies need to take the problem seriously, especially when growers move their plants inside for the winter — home invasions could be next.

"It's going to lead to a whole wave of burglaries in Maine if we don't get this under control," Julia said.

Police departments that are experiencing a wave of pot plant burglaries told NEWS CENTER state law requires plants to be enclosed by a 6-foot locked fence. Growers should also invest in a security system with cameras and don't advertise what they are growing on their property.