Portland has had a special relationship with the country of Iceland for a number of years now.

That's because shipping company Eimskip has its North American hub here.

But now Portland has a cultural connection to its North Atlantic neighbor in the form of a music festival at Thompson’s Point.

It’s called Sunaana, and if you’re not well-versed in Greenlandic, you probably don’t know what that means.

It’s actually a question and translates to “What is it?”
“Sunaana means What is it?”, said Chis Thompson, the festival’s co-organizer and owner of Thompson’s Point.

“I think the whole idea is it's about a question and a sense of finding something new and experiencing something new. You don't necessarily come here tonight because you've heard of every band on the list. You come to learn something new and experience something new.”

The festival featured music and performance acts from both Maine and Iceland.
Festival organizers hope to further collaboration with music, sending Maine bands to Iceland in the future.

Eventually the people in charge here tonight want to grow the event into a city-wide celebration, inspired by an Icelandic music festival they were invited to a few years ago by Eimskip.

Acts would not only play music venues across the city at night, but also play acoustic sets in coffee shops and other businesses during the day.

Sunaana ends at midnight on Saturday.
Its organizers expect the festival to return next year.