SUGARLOAF, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Skiers and and Snowboarders began getting in line for the first run of the winter season at Sugarloaf as early as 4:30 in the morning on Sunday.

"I didn't think that we would be open this early," said Sugarloaf season pass holder Guy Seneshal. "This has been a treat and the conditions have been really good today."

After extremely high temperatures in a record setting October, Sugarloaf was not able to test their snowmaking machines in preparation for the winter season.

"Typically we will do a couple of test runs in October here and there, and we just never had that," said Sugarloaf Marketing Director Ethan Austin. "We actually didn't fire up the system until about a week ago when we started getting some cold weather."

Skiers and Snowboarders were thrilled and also surprised to be hitting the slopes so early in the year.

"Its the earliest that I have ever skied here," said Seneshal. "We found out that they were opening this Sunday and we decided to jump on it."

"The snow making team here has been putting on one heck of a show," said Kirby Kelly. "They have been working around the clock."

With low temperatures over the past week, Sugarloaf was able to turn on the snow machines and get enough snow on the ground to open on Sunday.

"The last couple of nights we were down in the single digits here," said Austin. "Which we usually don't see until December or even January. And that is ideal for snow making that's what you want."

Sugarloaf will be closed this upcoming Monday through Thursday. They will then re-open on Friday and be open daily until the end of the season in May.