CONCORD, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) — A public meeting was held Thursday at Rye Junior High School in Rye, New Hampshire, to discuss the results of a state report. The survey found that finds there is no common cause behind a cancer cluster in the New Hampshire Seacoast region.

New Hampshire State Epidemiologist Dr. Ben Chan said the survey included responses from parents of 40 patients of children who have one of the two rare cancers. The patients live in parts of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Dr. Chan said only seven patients responded – two lived in one of the ten Seacoast towns where the cases were reported, five had spent a significant amount of time in the area.

The study also said there is no common exposure between the cases. State Rep. Mindi Messmer, D-Rye, first alerted state officials to the higher than expected number of cancer cases. She said the study falls short in giving parents some much-needed answers.

"You can't draw conclusions from two people, that's crazy," Rep. Messmer said. "You can't do that, but there is a commonality between them: they both have the same water source."

State health officials say the survey was not a scientific study but only an assessment of information on the cancer cases.

Check out the report here.