SOUTH BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — An eighth-grade class at Berwick Academy is taking school science projects to new heights—95,000 feet to be exact.

Ben Slama designed and launched a weather balloon carrying two Go Pro cameras so he could make a video of Earth as it looks from space. And he wanted his school's mascot, a bulldog, to be the star.

After about a year of planning and working with his teachers, and the Berwick Innovation Center, Ben successfully launched his balloon last Saturday. It started in Sandwich, N.H., and landed in Kennebunkport hours later.

Ben was able to recover the footage, which showed images of earth from three times higher than a commercial airline flies.

This project wasn't for a grade; Ben says it was just for fun!

Ben is not the only kid at Berwick Academy reaching new heights. The school is holding its Berwick Innovation Celebration on May 16, and the public is invited to come see all the projects students have put together.