The calendar says strawberry season is here but the strawberries are not.

Maine strawberry farmers say that damp stretch we had slowed growth down quite a bit.

So how long will it be until the berries arrive?

Bill Banford, who owns Maxwell’s Farm in Cape Elizabeth, with his wife says another sunny week or two will turn the berries from green to red.

Banford is not concerned about the late start.

He would be more worried about an early season where berries come out sooner because the fields wouldn’t yield as much fruit.

A late season doesn’t mean much more to them than a later start picking.

Banford’s customers are already asking when he’ll open for the season.

“Last week, the first 80-degree day when the sun was out and it was nice and warm, the phone started ringing,” said Banford. “We do have a message on our hotline, on our phone, my wife is posting messages on our Facebook page fairly regularly now. As the days get closer the messages will change more often and we’ll keep people posted.”

Either way, next week there will be a strawberry festival in Cape Elizabeth.