SURRY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Kevin and Patricia Pottle had over 50 trees uprooted and fall on their property after Monday morning's storm, including one that fell on the roof of their house.

The Pottle's brought the property in 2006 and have since completely re-done the home. Kevin Pottle says the damage done by the storm on Monday is unlike anything he has ever seen.

"Just devastation," said Kevin Pottle. "Lot of structural damage and we are in the process of trying to get that at least weather tight for tonight before we do a survey of the real damage."

The Pottle's left their home early Monday morning after they realized the wind gusts were too dangerous to stay on their property. When they returned hours later, they found 50 to 60 trees sprawled all over the area. Some up to 80 feet tall.

"We heard the snapping of trees," said Pottle. "Just by looking out the window we could see that it had sheared trees for several hundred feet. Big mature healthy trees, I had a forester here earlier looking at the trees. He had not seen anything like it."

The Pottle's spent Monday afternoon with friends surveying the damage on their property and removing the tree that had fallen on their roof. They will start to map out the rebuilding plan of their house on Tuesday morning.

"We have had a couple of excavators and chain saws and have tried to at least clear a fire lane," said Pottle. "A lot of work and a lot of hours in this place but we will rebuild it."