BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Fans were met with a special surprise at an exclusive premiere of 'IT' Wednesday night -- the 'King of Horror' himself, Stephen King.

"It's a great night for a scary movie." King said. He even received a standing ovation from the crowd."You're going to be scared out of your seats anyway so you might as well sit down now."

King's radio station WKIT was behind the special viewing of the new film. The theater was jam packed with close to 200 people. The iconic horror movie is still capturing the attention of millions, 27 years after it's original release.

"Do you think this one will be as good as the original?" NEWS CENTER's Samantha York asked viewer, Kate Hall. "I hope so I really liked the original but I have high expectation about this one." Hall said.

King's home also caught the attention of fans Wednesday afternoon, the new movie added an extra thrill. "It seemed like an essential stop," Stuart Henderson said. Henderson was visiting all the way from London, England. "I was a huge fan of him when I was younger, those early books were really influential to me."