SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A candidate for State Senate says he has again been targeted for his sexuality.

In a Facebook post, Rep.Justin Chenette says he received a hateful message in his mailbox. It was his own flyer with a written warning, "We do not support sodomites!!"

Below is his Facebook post in full:

Someone took the time to mail my flyer back to me with this lovely phrase. I know things like this shouldn't bother me, but on some level it does. I try really hard to help others, make my service about the community not about my personal life and yet it continues to pop up in negative ways. I wish I could say this was the first time, but it isn't and sadly won't be the last. Just a few months ago the Chair of the York County Republican Committee used hate speech as a way to recruit my current opponent. Bullying takes many forms. On Election Day, I feel confident that voters will reject this type of hate and instead elect someone dedicated to empowering others. I will continue to use this platform to inspire young people to reach their potential regardless of their background, who they love, or what they look like. Maine deserves better. #WhenTheyGoLowWeGoHigh