BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — "A lot of them don't even necessarily make the news but most of the time we're successful."

That's what State Police Lt. Sean Hashey says about the number of standoffs that state police respond to. We decided to check and see for ourselves how many times police are able to end things peacefully, and here's what we found out.

This year, so far, the State Police Crisis Negotiation Team has had 20 calls for service. Of those 20 calls…

• 9 times they were able to make contact with the person
• 6 times they were able to negotiate a peaceful end
• 2 of the responses ended in suicide
• 1 ended in an officer involved shooting.

We also checked to see how many standoffs NEWS CENTER has responded to this year. After searching through our archives we found 10 police standoffs that we have reported on, which is about half the number that police responded to. Here's the list going in order from most recent to oldest:

July 18 - Lincoln
The most recent police standoff in Lincoln ended when negotiators convinced William Bradbury to surrender. He is now facing charges of sexual abuse of a minor and creating a police standoff.

July 12 - Scarborough
Willis Moulton was arrested after he was accused of pointing a gun at a woman. He was taken into custody after a brief standoff.

June 6 - Orrington
State police shot and killed Mark Ellis following a 12-hour long standoff in which they were never able to make contact.

May 14 - Smithfield
Ronald Land barricaded himself in his home. After hours of failed negotiations, state police entered the home and took him into custody.

April 30 - Lewiston
Police responded to reports of shots fired at a Motel 6. After six hours of trying to negotiate, they went inside and found a man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

April 15 - Boothbay
Michael Holbrook surrendered to state police following an hour-long standoff which began after Holbrook allegedly shot at a persons car and home.

April 8 - Berwick
A man committed suicide inside his home during a standoff in Berwick in early April. Police had tracked down Jared Greenlaw after he allegedly fired a gun at another man.

Feb. 26 - Portland
Police arrested three people at an apartment complex on Forest Avenue in connection with a violent assault.
The three suspects initially refused to open the apartment but eventually taken into custody.

Feb. 10 - Naples
A woman wrestled a gun away from a man who was allegedly holding her at gunpoint at a home in Naples. Police were then able to use a taser on Brian Horton and take him into custody.

Jan. 2 - Phippsburgh
A man was taken into custody following a seven-hour standoff with police. Ruben Foster allegedly threatened his mother and sister with a gun. He eventually surrendered to police.

Of the cases we followed, seven surrendered or were arrested, two committed suicide, and one was killed by police.