SHERMAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The body of 31-year-old Douglas Morin of Oakfield was found inside a vehicle on the PD road in Sherman mid-morning Sunday, according to Maine State Police.

The PD road is a remote dirt road used by hunters, ATV riders and logging trucks. It is also in the heart of some of the farmlands in the area's Amish community.

Some people NEWS CENTER spoke to Monday who did not wish to go on camera said Douglas Morin was actually Douglas Morin Jr. and went by the name DJ. They said he could be seen riding around on his motorcycle. Exactly how he ended up in a car on a remote dirt road is what police are looking into.

Some people we spoke with at a nearby gas station found the news of a homicide in this normally quiet town troubling.

"Well, you know it doesn't happen very often up here, so that's pretty scary," said David Rice, who lives in nearby Patten and is familiar with the PD road which he said is used by hunters.

Morin's body was taken to the state medical examiner's office in Augusta for an autopsy. At this time, state police are not releasing the cause of death. The investigation continues.