NORTH HAMPTON, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- State and federal officials want new warning signs posted near a former superfund site on the New Hampshire Seacoast.

This comes after testing showed high levels of chemicals known as PFCs. They were discovered in a brook near the landfill and flows through several different towns.

Coakley Landfill took in hazardous waste for years before it was closed. Since the high levels of potentially dangerous chemicals were discovered, residents are worried they will contaminate their drinking wells.

Rep. Mindi Messmer (D) is among a group of lawmakers that want warning signs place along Berry"s Brook. The brook runs along a rail bed near the landfill and is used by joggers, people walk their dogs and children have been spotted playing in the water. Messmer has put up a warning sign of her own until the federal officials post them. The brook is also a popular spot to fish. It was recently stocked with fish this spring and that is raising concerns.

"There is nothing to let people know that is a potential risk. We know that PFCs accumulate in the flesh of fish it has been shown in other states and Canada and we need to do some work to see if we will allow that to continue," said Messmer.

The former superfund site is under the jurisdiction of the EPA . EPA officials in Boston say signs will be posted in the next few weeks as far as containing the chemicals more testing is needed. That's scheduled to begin late next month.