The Portland cab driver police say was stabbed by one of his passengers is concerned about the release of his accused attacker.
Justin Kristiansen was arrested Friday morning for allegedly stabbing 60 year-old Joe Kamsyz, a driver for 207 Taxi in Portland.
But as of Monday night, Kristiansen is out of jail, at least for now.

Kamysz is concerned Kristansen could attack someone else while he’s not being watched.

He’s not speculating on his accused attacker’s mental health but is puzzled why someone would attack him for no apparent reason.

“Why?” is the one question Kamysz would ask Kristansen if he got the chance. “

“Why would you do that?” the driver said. “I don't understand why this happened --why you felt the need to cut me. I didn't do any harm to you.”

Officers at the Cumberland County jail confirmed to NEWS CENTER that Kristansen posted over $10000 bail and left Monday.
Kamsyz thinks Kristansen should stay behind bars until his court date, especially because there's no apparent motive for the stabbing.
Until he gets that answer, if ever, Kamsyz is looking ahead to recovery.
He even plans to drive again one day -- hoping his next ten years on the road are incident free.
“I need to stay positive and work towards that end,” he said. “I fully intend to go back to driving a cab again. I feel like I have a need and a purpose there to serve the community and take care of people.”