STATEWIDE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you still don't have your Spectrum services there might be a simple explanation why.

NEWS CENTER received multiple complaints about people not having their services restored with their power and we wanted to get to the bottom of that frustration. Spectrum's Director of Communications Andrew Russell says it could be for a couple of reasons.

The first is that it's linemen can't get out to restore cable lines until the power companies have finished it's jobs. That's why your lights may have come back on before your cable or internet services. Another possibility is that the building that houses the service equipment, or the node, is still without power or experiencing cable issues of it's own.

"So you can have the power to your house for example working but the node servicing your area may receive its power from a different direction and that may have still been without power," Russell said. "So that's why in some cases, a small amount of cases, there might have been a delay."

At this time 99-percent of customers have had their services restored. If you are still being affected, you are urged to contact a customer service representative to report the outage. Some customers may be able to receive credit for the outage of service, it is done on a case by case basis.