LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It takes getting three strikes in a row to get a turkey in bowling. Not easy, even for the professionals, but a young man from Auburn did it and it was all caught on camera.

Bisson travels to Sparetime in Lewiston every other Friday with his classmates, who all have special needs. The 15-year-old was born with a massive brain injury that has had several health effects throughout his life according to his mother, Lisa Bisson.

"He has a sensory processing disorder, he has an anxiety disorder, he fears crowds and loud noises," said Lisa.

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It's surprising that he's able to not only withstand the loudness of a bowling alley, but thrives in the setting. Bisson has been aiming for the 10 pins since second grade when his physical therapist suggested the activity. Mike Aldrich, ed tech teacher at Edward Little, always accompanies Bisson at bowling, as well as in his high school classes. Positivity has never been an issue at both places.

"He's a great student, he tries hard, he has a positive attitude," said Aldrich. "He's fun to work with."

No one has had to help the high school freshman with his technique, expect for one small suggestion. Aim down the middle and he's taken that advice to heart. Especially during the end of one of his games this month when he bowled three strikes in a row during the last frame.

"When he makes those marks and accomplishes those goals that he's worked so hard to accomplish, the joy that you feel is beyond words," said his mother.

Bisson will be bowling again October 25 at Sparetime in Lewiston during a Special Olympics qualifying game.